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Folding Tricycle Review

Folding Tricycle Review -Even More Fun!

If you’re looking for the top entrants in this niche category, look no further. We have the top folding tricycles on the market at the moment, just for you.

What is a folding tricycle?

Folding Tricycle Review

Even looking at this article niche is probably enough to give you a warm and fuzzy nostalgic feeling for your childhood- the folding tricycle is probably not the first thing you think of in the adult market.

However, the very same stable nature that made this a great pick for you at 6 makes a fold up tricycle a great choice for a host of day-to-day activities, whilst maintaining the same advantages of the fold up bicycle.

These are not generally commuter bikes, however, and the fold-up properties are most often harnessed to make them easy in-and-out for cars and to take up less space in the average residential garage. There’s a host of plus sides to the tricycle design, however.

They’re stable and far more difficult to flip or tip then their fold up bike cousins. They offer far greater storage space making them ideal for family trips to the shops but not so great off-road.

The tricycle is a user friendly design that’s ideal for senior citizens, those with balance impairment as well as the mobility challenged. They’re easier to ride then a collapsible bike or traditional bike, and allow for comfortable positions especially when stopped.

While you won’t find ones as highly geared as more mainstream bikes, they’re a great alternative for a lot of people and can make for a fun, simple and reliable ride.

Whether you’re looking to get mobile again after too many days spent on the couch watching sport, or want to maintain a fit and active lifestyle despite balance impairments, these are the class for you.

Folding Tricycle Review

Finding the perfect adult folding tricycle for your needs is not as hard as you may imagine. Below are our top five picks.

Trikke Deluxe electric foldable scooter

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Although it’s marketed as a scooter not a tricycle, the Trikke deluxe features an innovative split back wheel shat’s simple to swap in and out to extend the battery’s ranection offering all the stability and convenience of a tricycle with absolutely none of the effort.

It’s full foldable, uses aircraft quality aluminium, offers 700W peak power and a strong 48W battery tge, and uses motorcycle grade tyres. Amazon customers award it a stunning 5 stars and it’s easy to see why.

It can withstand hills and heavy loads, ships with disc brakes and a carry bag and work excellently even over turf and gravel. A great city-slicker choice in the 3 wheel electrical bicycle category, but not suitable for the mobility impaired.

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Westport Adult folding tricycle

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This Westport fold up tricycle option manages a tricky feat- taking what is essentially a childish bicycle design and turning it into a pretty sophisticated adult look. It offers full suspension and a simple and comfortable step through design.

The seat is extra wide for added comfort, the brakes linear pull and it comes with racks installed. On 16” tires it is one of the most stable folding electrical tricycle options out there. Do be aware there are no speed variances, though. It earns a fantastic 4 stars on Amazon and has a dedicated customer base that loves it.

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K-Mech foldable electrical tricycle

K-Mech foldable electrical tricycle

If you’re looking for a sporty option, this isn’t the one for you, as the design is sedate and more reminiscent of mobility tricycles then off-road sporting equivalents. There’s a full padded seat with seat back, and a vintage feel that you’ll either love or loath.

The 350W motor allows for up to 30kmph speeds, its hand built for added quality control and does fold into a boot surprisingly simply. They also offer a double seated version of this same tricycle. Do be aware, however, that while foldable it is not a simple process given the extra size. This is a perfect choice for those with mobility issues looking to maintain an active lifestyle.

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Adult Trident recumbent electric tricycle

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If you can’t face the thought of an upright tricycle or have back issues that are exaggerated by the traditional cycling posture, this is the one for you.

The seat is comfortable with padded back and mesh, it offers 24 speed 3×8 drivetrain and disc brakes, and the frame is surprisingly easy to fold for its size.

Its construction is robust and hard wearing, the pain lasts well and the design strong and fairly sleek. It handles well through all of its speed settings.

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Jorvik adult foldable tricycle

Jorvik adult folding tricycle

This Dutch-styled adult’s tricycle has a quick release handle and is probably the easiest fold on our list. It has baskets front and back, two brake sets, and enough adjustment potential to make for a comfortable ride.

It offers 6 speed gearing. It’s safe, stable and great for almost any class of rider, from sports enthusiasts to the movement impaired. It also has lights.

Any of these folding tricycle models will make a great addition to your life and activity levels.

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