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Electric Folding Bike Review

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If you’ve been put off using a bike as a commuter tool in your daily life by the idea of arriving at work sweaty and disheveled, why not look at incorporating a folding electric bike into your life?

Why would I want an electric folding bike?

Electric Folding Bike review

Does an electric bike sound like a cop-out to you? It shouldn’t. These nifty pieces of sporting equipment can help you combine the best of both worlds in your cycling experience.

Bike commuting is, after all, becoming one of the fastest growing categories of commuting, and not everyone can afford to arrive at work with their legs like jelly and their suit sweat stained.

Nor is the electric bike banished from use as a fitness tool- a motor can be a great way of managing steep hills and other wipe-outs without becoming simply a tool for the lazy.

The electric folding bike makes a great companion both for the urban environment as well as off-road use, but do remember that by their very nature electrical folding bikes are heavier than their non-electrical counterparts. They are, in effect, fold up bicycles with batteries.

This hybrid nature means that they can offer the conveniences of a more motorized ride without the carbon footprint inherent in using a car. Not only does this cut down on road traffic and make non-vehicle commuting and easier and simpler reality for a more diverse crowd of people, it also helps in cutting down on noxious greenhouse emissions.

An electrical folding bike can be taken on and off public transport as easily as their non-electric cousins, and can open up a whole new world of commuter convenience at your fingertips.

Top 5 Best  Electric Folding Bike Reviews

If we’ve tempted you to try these unique and diverse options, below are our top 5 picks for foldable electric bikes.

1. Greenbike USA electric folding bike
2. E-Joe EPIK sports addition electric folding bicycle
3. Enzo eBikes folding bicycle
4. E-Mazing Innovations Battery operated Bicycle
5. Newport Beach cruiser electric bicycle

Greenbike USA electric folding bike


This comfortable, lightweight aluminium frame allows you to easily cruise between commute destinations rather than risking your business suit to sweat and armpit stains. Powered by a 36V Samsung battery, this sturdy and fashionably built fold up bicycle is rated at a thoroughly impressive 5 Amazon stars and can reach top speeds of up to 20 mph.

It’s a hybrid bicycle, offering an eco-friendly option for the lazy commuter. It offers a full suspension to make up for a smaller wheel size. Its waterproof for all weather conditions and the battery can be removed for storage.

It’s a thoroughly quality purchase, a stand-out in its price category, and leaves a trail of happy customers.

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E-Joe EPIK sports addition electric folding bicycle

E-Joe EPIK sports addition electric folding bicycle

The e-Joe electric bicycle walks a very fine line incredibly well, combining easy lightweight portability with an impressive motor and retaining 7 speed gearing. It was, in fact, specifically developed for the hilly San Francisco environs.

Customers do note that it’s supposed 30 mile range is a little ambitious, but otherwise find it a perfectly acceptable, mid-range model. Some do find it easier to carry the battery charger with for in-between top ups.

The only other serious complaint about this model is that it probably would have benefited from a rigid fork, as its suspension otherwise takes strain. This has not been enough to prevent it from receiving a commendable 4.6 stars on Amazon.

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Enzo eBikes folding bicycle

Enzo eBikes folding bicycle

This folding electric bicycle is styled after military offerings and designed for easy loading in and out of car trunks. It comes with a standard Li-On battery of 36V, offering 30-50 miles. You can pedal this one like a regular bike, and racks come standard when it ships.

Consumers find the battery life very true to the book values, and it lives up to its promises to fit car boots incredibly well- if you’re looking to load in and out of the car, this is probably the fold up bicycle for you.

As a nifty little extra, the paintwork glows in the dark, adding a little extra layer to your security. It’s a 3.8 star Amazon choice that lives up to expectations.

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E-Mazing Innovations Battery operated Bicycle.

E-Mazing Innovations Battery operated Bicycle

Representing our top low budget pick, the e-Mazing innovations electric fold up bicycle is less robust the some on this list and definitely created with the Urban commuter in mind.

If you’re looking for a cheap and effective way to get over a big campus or skedaddle between bus stops, however, you’re looking at the right choice for you.

It handles well in wet weather but only offers about a 15mile radius before needing a battery refresh. It folds up to the tiny size of an average vacuum cleaner box, and if you’re looking for simple, quick style in an urban environment this one is for you.

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Newport Beach cruiser electric bicycle.

Newport Beach cruiser electric bicycle

The 300w motor on this one allows for 20mpg cruising and approximately 20 miles of travel distance. It’s easy to assemble, tackles hills well, and if you have to gender differentiate your bikes.

The Malibu Beach model is perfect to accompany your lady while you take your Newport out. There’s a small range of hard-wearing colours, and consumers rate it a solid 4.3 Amazon stars for reliability and ease of use.

These 5 foldable electric bikes offer a blend of power and fitness alongside durable construction and reliable power. What more do you need form your bike?

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