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Dahon Folding Bike Review

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Ah…Dahon. The king of the folding bikes. This brand has leap to capture two thirds of the folding bicycle market share with a range of offerings to suit any taste and most budgets. Dahon folding bikes company have become a byword for safety, endurance and comfort.

But the range can be bewildering to be confronted with. Which Dahon is right for you? Below we look at the literal best of the best in the fold up bike market.

How on earth do I pick? Dahon Folding Bike Review & Buyers Guide!

Dahon Folding Bike review

Remember, Dahon are market leaders in this industry. If you’re tempted to run for the hills at the sight of their product range, don’t go just yet. Narrowing down the Dahon ranges that will work best for you is not as difficult as it might appear at first glance.

Most Dahon models boast 20” wheels, with few exceptions, and all are known for lightweight yet reliable frames with easy-fold action.

Narrowing your focus is not as hard as it first appears. Perhaps the very first criteria you’ll need to address is wheel size. While the most of the range are, as we mention, 20”, there’s everything from 12” to 26” available.

Remember that a small wheel gives you less comfort over uneven ground, but larger wheels loose out in the compaction of the bike once folded. Give some thought to the number of speeds you need too- everything between 3 and 10 gears is available, and 7 and up should be great for hilly terrain.

Of course, weight and fold size need to come into it. The lighter the bike, the more expensive it’s likely to be, as it will require top end materials to achieve the Dahon folding bikes quality at the lighter weight. Cheaper models will be equally robust, but heavier to carry. Give careful consideration to where you will be riding and how much carrying you will need to do.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to let the look of the bike sway you. Dahon is a quality company and puts a lot of effort into its design. They want you to love the look of their ranges- so if one particularly strikes you as a match in your tastes, go for it.

Dahon Folding Bike Review

Almost all Dahon models on the market today represent quality purchases. Below, we look at some of our favorites among their ranges.

1. Dahon Speed Uno folding bike
2. The Dahon Mu P8 collapsible bike
3. The Dahon D7 fold up bike
4. Dahon Briza folding bike

Dahon Speed Uno folding bike

Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike review

Looking for a bike you truly can fold within seconds as you scramble onto the train? The speed uno is for you. It’s only on 20” wheels, so it is an incredibly small collapsible bike, but it has sleek and modern lines to compensate.

Some users weren’t quite as happy with the riding angle as with some other Dahon offerings, but it’s quick-release handlebars tend to make up for it. If you’re looking for a light bike that’s easy to swing around town, this is definitely the one for you.

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The Dahon Mu P8 collapsible bike

Dahon Mu P8 Collapsible Bike

If you’re looking for absolutely classic Dahon style and handling, look no further. This is a Dahon bike that will truly take you everywhere- be it urban city commute or weekend rides in the country.

It comes in a range of colours and with tempting styling. The shifts are Dahon-smooth, its low profile and compact and rolls easily when folded. It has the Dahon telescopic handle, rigid forks, and enough customisation to accommodate almost any frame.

It’s a great mid-range Dahon fold up bike offering that delivers on a host of promises. User’s praise it’s comfortable saddle and durable frame which inspires confidence. It weighs a mere 12 kgs, but packs a powerful punch, and truly represents one of Dahon’s best mid-range workhorses. Customisations is available although it ships without racks.

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The Dahon D7 fold up bike

Dahon D7 Fold Up Bike

This retro design collapsible bike offers a 7 speed, easy shifting gear set up and consumers note it’s extra strong brakes too. The fold is decently simple, and for Dahon it’s an entry level bike-although that still isn’t actually budget in most senses of the word. While some customers don’t like the feel of the frame on this Dahon fold up bike, most feel it more then keeps up with expectations.

It’s a 4.5 star Amazon pick that represents a good meeting point between Dahon quality and price. The telescopic handle makes it an easy ride for most body types.

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Dahon Briza folding bike

Dahon Briza folding bike

You’d be forgiven for assuming the Dahon Briza is a full sized bike. With appealing curvy styling and nothing to hid, this is a quality Dahon choice that earns 4.6 Amazon stars.

It can fold without being lifted, making it a great choice for almost anyone, comes in a limited range of appealing colours and offers a 7 speed gear. It’s solid and strong with mud guards on both sides, features quality construction and almost very user had something to say about how comfortable it was.

It’s the perfect choice for the rider who wants a ‘proper’ bike experience from their fold up bike.

Almost any Dahon bike, provided you’ve picked a good fit on features, will give you durable, dependable service. Feel free to explore their huge range and find the perfect Dahon folding bikes for you.

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