Citizen Folding Bike Review

Citizen Folding Bike Review -Affordable Brand!

Practice, affordable and fun. That’s what Citizen folding bikes tell us. Do they live up to this lofty promise? Below we look at the facts.

Who are Citizen folding bikes?

Admittedly, the Citizen slogan and emphasis on ‘being human’ can seem a little fatuous at first glance, but the bike’s themselves have an urban charm it’s hard to dismiss.

Their range of folding bikes is, despite some variances within the ranges themselves, generally aimed to be simple, tool free entries into the low budget fold up bike market. That said, they have a consumer reputation for reliability and impressive endurance.

While not exactly well geared to longer recreational rides- mainly due to limited gearing on the more simple members of the range- they none the less shine as one of the only low-end consumer collapsible bikes people trust.

With sturdy frames, attractive styling and attention to detail and durability, its little wonder that the Citizen folding bike ranges remain some firm consumer favorites.

Add to that the attractive ability to upgrade their lower budget offerings with a host of features to customise your ride to your needs, and it’s understandable why they remain in their firm position in people’s hearts.

While none of the Citizen collapsible bikes are as lightweight as other leading market brands, they still manage decent portability and make up for any lack with a robust frame that users can have confidence in..

Overall, they’re a consume favorite in the budget fold up bike market, and look set to remain there for the foreseeable future.

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Citizen Folding Bike Review

While the Gotham series can be seen in many ways as the Citizen folding bikes flagship, they have more than one fantastic collapsible bike model. Below, we look at our top 3 picks.

The Gotham 7 fold up bike by Citizen

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The Gotham 7 sports the slightly signature Citizen look, complete with ‘no tools needed’ fast-folding frame. It has a standard 7 speeds, so while ideal for the urban environment can also be used as a recreational bike.

It also come in an appealingly wide range of colors for the fussy consumer. Gotham has been one of Citizen’s bestselling lines, with the 7 representing the model’s evolution.

It’s a lighter weight frame then previously, making clever use of aluminium alloy, but still isn’t the lightest fold-up bike available on the market at the moment.

Nor is it the most compact folding bike around, and some consumers report a tendency to open if not correctly folded.

However, consumers love the fact that it’s a reliable and budget-friendly collapsible bike. The series also features quite novel gearing, which puts its 1st gear way tougher than standard- you’ll make steep hills on the Gotham without having to stop and push.

It also ships with fenders and rack pre-installed, and they do provide a carrying bag for convenience.

It comes with higher than average handlebars, making it slightly more adjustable for taller frames, but several customers note a total inability to roll the folded bike.

Overall, there are a few niggles on the Gotham line, but for the price it’s a reliable and fairly trendy collapsible bike pick that earns itself 4.5 Amazon stars.

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The Miami collapsible bike

Citizen Folding Bike Review

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The Miami shares the typical Citizen styling, and represents the budget entry point into the market for the company.

They’re inexpensive, with most of the Citizen quality to back them, and come with 20” wheels and solid peels and the option to upgrade with a range of add on accessories. Customers do warn to upgrade at the time of purchase as later purchases can be incredibly pricier.

Consumers report the frame to be sturdy, and while it’s not the best pick for longer distances or recreational biking, it’s a fold up bike that’s perfect for quick urban commutes.

The fold time is pretty standard, and it balances a sturdy non plastic frame against its carry weight in a way that pleases most consumers.

It’s one of the few folding bikes on the market in its price range that consumers are happy to vote in at 5 stars.

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The Tokyo Citizen folding bike

The Tokyo Citizen folding bike

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With a smaller wheel set then the other two Citizen folding bikes, the 16” Tokyo never the less manages to make a significant market entry despite its small size. It is a bike that’s designed for short distance urban commuting, however, not for recreation and long rides.

Its smaller than other Citizen folding bikes, is pretty featureless out the box but can be upgraded with a host of add-ons, and Consumers report it as light weight and easy to carry.

It’s easier to fold then the other two, and weighs in at 12kg. It shares the typical Citizen styling and offers a small range of colours. It’s decently durable with plastic pedals standing up to user’s uses. Overall, consumers love it and offer a cool 4. 8 Amazon stars.

Whichever of the thoroughly solid budget offerings in the citizen range appeal to your needs as commuter, you’re sure to find a reliable low budget collapsible bike that’s just right for you and your wallet.

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