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Can I take a folding bike on the bus?

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You cannot bring your most popular folding bike with you on the bus if it does not fold up to a small size enough to fit in a bag.

You can bring your foldable bike on public transport as long as your bike’s wheels are not wet or dirty, you need to wrap them in something to avoid getting dirty.

Parts of the bike might be sticking out. Do something to cover them up or fold them down. Bicycles cannot go on the upper deck of a bus.

How to Take Folding Bikes on Buses?

General guidelines

You can take your bike on the subway. You need to keep it in a bag and put it on the floor. But there are some rules. If you do not have a folding bike, then you must pay for an extra ticket. You cannot take the train if it is complete and cannot take up more than one seat.

Can I Take A Folding Bike On The Bus

You cannot take your bike on the bus. A few buses have bike racks, but don’t plan on taking your bike with you.

You can bring a folding bike on board buses except for express buses.

Bikes can be brought on NYC Ferry boats. You need a ticket to bring the bike. Get a ticket before you take your bike or buy a ticket when you get to the ship.

United States

In the US, you can put folding bikes in suitcases and store them under buses.

US Metro – New York City

US Metro – Chicago

If you have a folding bike, you can take it on the CTA. Buses have special racks for bikes. You might want to bring your bike on the bus with big wheels. But sometimes it is better to fold your bike and put it on the rack.

US Metro – Los Angeles

You can take your bike on the airplane. Make sure it is folded and stored under a seat so people can walk down the aisle to get to their seats.

US Metro – San Francisco

Folding bikes must be kept with you. They cannot block seats, wheelchair access, or customer movement.

US Metro – Dallas

If you have a bike with oversized tires, a bike can put it on a rack . The city is trying to make things better for bikers.


Put the metal bar over the front wheel. Push it to make sure it stays in place. Then, squeeze the handle on top and lower the rack so your bike will fit.


Step out of the bus to take your bike. Tell the bus driver you have a bike. Always step out of the way when the bus stops.

Safety tips and laws

For you and others …

When you see a traffic light, stop and wait for it to turn green. When it turns green, go.Stay on the road. Unless you are walking your bike.

Helmets are suitable for your head. They protect you from bumps and bruises.

You are not allowed to wear headphones. You can have one earbud, though.

You need to use a white light in front and a red one in the back at night.


You can bring your bike on the bus. You should put it in a small case. Be sure to check your local bus policy before doing so.

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