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Dahon Folding Bike Review

Dahon Folding Bike Review -One Of The Leading Brand! Ah…Dahon. The king of the folding bikes. This brand has leap to capture two thirds of the folding bicycle market share with a range of offerings to suit any taste and most budgets. Dahon folding bikes company have become a byword for safety, endurance and comfort. […]

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Citizen Folding Bike Review

Citizen Folding Bike Review -Affordable Brand! Practice, affordable and fun. That’s what Citizen folding bikes tell us. Do they live up to this lofty promise? Below we look at the facts. Who are Citizen folding bikes? Admittedly, the Citizen slogan and emphasis on ‘being human’ can seem a little fatuous at first glance, but the bike’s […]

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Giant Folding Bike Review

Giant Folding Bike Review -Attractive Pricing! While you may not typically associate ‘giant’ with something you want to carry on and off busses easily. The range of Giant folding bikes may well attract you with a good reputation and attractive pricing in a category that can often be pretty steep. Below, we look at their […]

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Electric Folding Bike Review

Electric folding bike buyers guide! If you’ve been put off using a bike as a commuter tool in your daily life by the idea of arriving at work sweaty and disheveled, why not look at incorporating a folding electric bike into your life? Why would I want an electric folding bike? Does an electric bike […]

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Best Folding Bike Review

Best Folding Bike Review – For Your Needs! Whether you’re an urban commuter looking to combine comfort, chic styling and easy portability to make your daily commute less labour intensive, or a sporting enthusiast looking for the best folding bike you can take anywhere. The collapsible bike market offers a range of solid choices to […]

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