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Are Folding Bikes Fast? Find Out If They’re The Right Option For You.

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As biking becomes more popular, folding bikes are becoming more and more common. However, there are a few things to consider before making the switch. First and foremost, is the folding bike fast? If it’s not, you may want to reconsider your purchase. Second, is the folding bike easy to fold? If it’s not, you may not want to bother. Third, is the folding bike comfortable? If it’s not, you may want to give it a try before making the switch.

How fast is a folding bike?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the speed of folding bikes can vary greatly. Some fold quickly and take a little bit of time, while others take longer and may require some help from your helpers. Ultimately, the speed of a folding bike is ultimately less important than how easy it is to fold.

Do folding bikes have a speed limit?

Folding bikes are very convenient for commuting because of their lightweight feature. But are these bikes really fast?

To answer this question, first, you have to know the exact definition of speed limit. According to Wikipedia, it means “the fastest at which anything can travel” or the maximum velocity . With this in mind, a folding bike should not be considered as fast because it has a limited speed, not to mention that you are carrying an extra load.

A folding bike is only designed for leisure, commuting and touring purposes. It cannot be used for racing because of the low-quality material used to build its frame.

What are the differences between folding bikes and regular bikes?

Are Folding Bikes Fast

Folding bikes have a lot in common with regular bikes. They are both bikes that you can take with you wherever you go. But there are some key differences between folding and regular bikes. First, folding bikes are much easier to fold than regular bikes. Second, they are much faster to fold. Third, they’re not as comfortable as regular bikes.

What are those Factors Influencing Folding Bike Speed?

Folding bike speed actually does affect how it rides. The faster you go, the less likely you are to tip over and the easier it is to keep up with other riders. That’s why it’s important that your folding bike can achieve speeds of at least 15mph.

The factors influencing folding bike speed are ..

Folding bike frame design
Rider’s skill level
Posture while riding
Tire pressure
Wheel size
Tire width
Weight capacity
Pedaling intensity
Bicycle gears/shifters
Keep it clean
Lube regularly
Dahon Boardwalk S8 Folding Bike
Dahon Cadenza Folding Bike
Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Folding Bike
Microshift 7 Speed Bikes
GB Pockit Fold Up Bike
Dahon Vybe C7 Folding Bike
7 folding bike efficiency

1 Folding bike frame design

Folding bike frame design influencing folding bike speed: Generally speaking there are two types of folding bike frame designs – single hinge point and multi-hinge point designs.

Multi-hinge point bikes are more stable, have fewer pieces to manage, are usually lighter and are often faster than single hinge point bikes.

Single Hinge Point frame design

This is the simplest frame design. The frame consists of only one moving part, the main shaft which is hinged on one side. This type of folding bike can be quickly identified because it looks like a traditional bicycle unfolded in the middle.

It tends to have very large front wheels, which make it slow and unstable at high speeds. The parts attached to this central shaft are usually heavy due to added hinges required for its folding mechanism.

Multi-hinge point frame design

This type of folding bike has multiple points where two or more rods meet making it more stable at higher speeds. The wheels are usually smaller in comparison to single hinge point bikes.

2 Rider’s skill level

Riding a bike can be done at different speeds and each speed has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Slow speed (average 5 km/h)

Allows you to observe surroundings, use the bike for transportation rather than recreation; Sport type bicycles are not necessary.

Moderate speed (average 10-20 km/h)

Allows cyclists to use human power more efficiently; Sport type bicycles allow faster speeds while sacrificing comfort.

High speed(average 20+ km/h)

Allows cyclists to travel long distances without much effort; Performance bicycles facilitate higher speeds while sacrificing comfort/usability in urban areas.

3 Posture while riding

Riders can ride in an upright position or lean forward. The former results in lower speeds, the latter allows higher speeds.

4 Tire pressure

Higher air pressure gives more road resistance and slows down bicycles, while lower air pressure decreases road resistance and helps to achieve better speed.

5 Wheel size

The 16″ is slower with a speed of 22 km/h. On the other hand, the larger wheels reach higher top speeds on flat ground. On longer trips, you will be faster with a 16″ folding bike, while the smaller ones are better suited for commuting.

The wheel size on folding bikes is an important parameter when it comes to speed. The larger the wheels are, the lower the top speed on flat ground will be.

6 Tire width

Some manufacturers do not offer any choice of tire widths, while others produce different models with various tire widths.

Most folders can accommodate tires up to at least 1 3/8 inches wide, although wider tires are often used on larger folding bicycles that will carry heavy loads for long distances.

The size of the tire can affect the efficiency of a bicycle. A larger tire will be more efficient than a smaller one, all other factors remaining constant.

This is because there will be air between the tire and the ground, which has mass. Bigger wheels are also easier to keep rolling because they are affected by less surface friction from the road or trail.

7 Weight capacity

This is a very interesting question, as weight capacity does indeed influence folding bike speed.
A higher center of gravity will cause the rider to slow down because it is harder to balance at higher speeds than at lower speeds.

Also, a heavier bike has more rotational momentum than a lighter one, causing it to take longer to stop/brake and accelerate.

Folding bikes are designed with a much lower center of gravity than traditional bicycles. This makes them much easier and faster to ride because they are usually designed for speed rather than stability/comfort which traditional bikes are designed for.

Also, because they are usually lighter in weight it takes less effort to accelerate and pedal them. This makes them faster than traditional bikes at the same speed because they take much less effort to ride at that same speed.

Lastly, a heavier bike is harder to pedal than a lighter one, causing the rider to slow down to compensate for the resistance.

8 Pedaling intensity

Pedaling intensity influences folding bike speed because higher intensity means more speeds, so if you pedal faster it will go faster. Because faster pedaling results in increased speed and thus greater productivity.

9 Bicycle gears/shifters

Some folding bikes offer the option to change gearing, but it is more common that they are single gear.

A folding bike will generally be slower than a regular bicycle because of the lack of gears/shifters, however there are some models that are good.

Proper Maintenance to Make Your Folding Bike Fast

Keep it clean

A little maintenance goes a long way. Did you know that keeping your bike clean can make it faster? A clean frame provides less resistance, providing for an easier ride.

Additionally, having your brake cables properly adjusted will give you responsive stopping power when needed most.

Ensuring that all moving parts are well lubricated will also help with reducing wear on your parts making them last longer.

Lube regularly

Keeping your bike well lubricated is key to ensuring your folding bike lasts for years. Doing so will also increase the performance of the moving parts of your bike maintaining responsiveness and increasing the life-span of the components .

For best results, use a thin oil or grease on all metal surfaces that slide against each other. Ensure that these surfaces are clean before applying any lubricant.

Once applied, wipe excess oil with rags provided for this purpose only. Paper towels leave residues that attract dirt and grime which in turn accelerates wear of the metal parts of your folding bike.

Why a fast speed folding bike?

Fast folding bike is a bicycle that can be folded and unfolded in less than a minute, allowing the user to fold the bike and carry it around.

People who commute daily use bikes as their main mode of transportation but do not need to ride a high-end road bike and prefer something easy to maneuver and lightweight.

This type of person may choose to buy a fast speed folding bike for this specific purpose making it ideal for commuting by foot or bus/subway.

Top folding bikes with speed

The following information will help you to know about a few folding bikes. These bikes are very useful and can be folded easily to carry or store. Some of these bikes come under the category of electric bikes as well. Here we go:

Dahon Boardwalk S8 Folding Bike

This is one of the best folding bikes available in the market, having amazing features such as 20-inch wheels, Shimano Altus derailleur etc. It foldable frame that helps it not only easy to handle but also allows users to store it safely. Its other features include drum brakes, twist shift and folding pedals.

Dahon Cadenza Folding Bike

This bike is easy to travel with as it has a foldable frame. It is very useful as well as a high performing bike because of its’ features such as dual pivot alloy brake calipers, SRAM 8 speed etc.

Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Folding Bike

The best feature of this bike is that it easily folds up into compact size which makes it easy for storage and transportation purposes. Other features include Shimano rear derailleur, 700C tires etc.

Microshift 7 Speed Bikes

This folding bike can be folded very quickly within a few seconds which makes it an amazing choice as well as easy to store and carry. It has other features such as zero maintenance ,Schwinn alloy crank etc.

GB Pockit Fold Up Bike

This folding bike is known for its amazing feature that it can fold up in seconds and take very little storage space which makes it a compact and ideal choice. Other features include Shimano six speed index shifter, custom 700C wheelset etc.

Dahon Vybe C7 Folding Bike

The best feature of this bike is that it offers a stylish look to users due to its’ footprint-free frame design. It is compatible with 7 gears and has high performance because of its’ qualities such as full alloy construction, dual pivot brake calipers.

7 folding bike efficiency

A folding bike is efficient, especially when compared to a full-size road bike. The difference in compactness makes them more portable and easy to store along with having better speed than other bikes.

There are many reasons why folding bikes are efficient. When the overall size is reduced, it becomes easier to go from point A to point B with a folding bike because of its compactness.
That is not the only benefit they offer. Because of their smaller overall size, they can ride faster on any given flat surface when compared to a non-folding bike.


There are a few reasons why folding bikes are becoming more popular. First, they’re easier to fold than traditional bikes. Second, they take up less space in your garage or storage unit. Third, they’re faster to fold than traditional bikes.

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